gtkm meme: [1/5] favorite male groups » Big Bang

“No matter what anyone says, passion never lies.” - T.O.P

Você costuma ser linda mesmo ou faz curso? dlç ♥

você costuma ser diva assim, ou foi ficando com o tempo? gata <3

  • Friend: go ask
  • Me: no you go ask
  • Friend: no you
  • Me: fine can i have ketchup

Demi performing Catch Me tonight

"Our secrets can be so toxic and we don’t even realize it. I had to learn that keeping things inside me was part of why I wanted to use alcohol and drugs in the first place - to hide from myself. When I started opening up, I started to heal. By talking to someone and expressing how I feel, I’m able to relieve the power of the emotion that’s been weighing me down.”